9th Greek Australian Legal and Medical Conference
Rhodes, Greece, June 2003

Professional Programme 2003

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Monday June 2nd 2003
11.00 The Hon. Justice Kirby A.C., C.M.G. "The Search for Perfection: The Olympics and Beyond"
12.00 Professor Richard Divall OBE "The Knights of St John. The Past and Present Saga of the Crusader Hospitallers"
13:00   LUNCH
14:30 Mrs Niki Goulandris "Sustainable Development/ Biodiversity"
15:00 Professor Richard Ball "Psychiatric Aspects of Terrorism"
15:00 Professor Ismiri Adroulidaki-Demitriadou "The Search for Perfection: The Olympics and Beyond"
15:30 Miss Agni Kortsidaki "Euthanasia: From Hippocrates to 21st Century"
16:00 Ms Kate Metcalf "A Short History of Rhodes"
Tuesday June 3rd 2003
08:00 Jack Harty & John Pasias "Making the Most of Your Practice: Management, Marketing, Partnership and Taxation"
09:15 Professor Donald Metcalf A.C. "On Purity and the Pursuit of Excellence"
11:00 Dr John Maynard "Accreditation and the Separation of Powers"
11:30 Dr Ian Freckelton "Gynaecological Cytology Liability and Governance"
12:00 Multidisciplinary Panel discussion "The Professional Indemnity Insurance Crisis"
13:00   LUNCH
14:00 Judge A.G. Koroma "The World Court"
14:30 Dr Pamela Craig "The Search for Dental Perfection, When did it Start: An Odontological Perspective."
15:00 Professor Stephen Cordner " Investigating War Crimes and Terrorism"
15:30 Ms Magdalini Karagiannakis "The Use of Expert Evidence at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia"
16:00 Ms Jacqueline Horan "Aiming for the Perfect Civil Trial- Are Medical Negligence Trials of today too Complex for a Jury?"
Thursday June 5th 2003
09:15 Mr Nicholas Cowdrey QC "My Love affair with John Laws & Allen Jone"
10:00 Mr Peter Gordon "The Search Perfection in Personal Injuries Litigation"
11:00 Miss Litza Kiropoulos "Cultural Differences in Depression and Anxiety: A Comparison of Greek and Anglo-Australian born Communities"
11:30 Professor Graham Burrows A.O. KCSJ "Partnerships in Health Promotion"
12:00 Professor Andreas Helmis The "Death Chronicle of Rhodes" and the Plague of 1499.
13:00   LUNCH
14:15 Dr Spiri Katsenos "The Biological Treatment of Bipolar Mania In Pregnancy: The Issues."
14:45 Mr Dan Svantesson "Legal liability for Internet based cross-border provision of medical advice, information and products"
15:15 Professor Anastasios Dontas Presentation of Awards to Fellowship Winners
15:30 Chief Justice John H Phillips A.C. "Inquest on Mozart"
Friday June 6th 2003
09:30 Governor John Landy A.C. M.B.E. "The Olympic Ideals an Ancient Bond between Greece and Australia"
11:15 Justice Jeffrey Spender "The Integrity of Sporting Performance at the Olympics, and other Elite Sports Events"
11:45 Professor Emeritus Kenneth Hardy "The Role of Tribunals in Elite Sport"
12:15 Professor Richard Divall OBE "Mediaeval Greece. Aspects of Music, Life, Medicine and Laws in Greece to 1570"
13:00   LUNCH
14:00 Chief Justice John H Phillips A.C. "Starry Night with Cypresses: the last hours of Vincent Van Gogh"
14:40 Professor Graham Burrows A.O. KCSJ "Vincent Van Gogh: The Psychiatrists Review"
15:00 Professor Brian Matthews "Henry Lawson"
15:30 Hon Austin Asche A.C "Greek Poetry from Ancient to Modern Times"

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