Papers 2015

Selected Papers and Presentations

15th Greek/Australian International Legal and Medical Conference
Thessaloniki 31st May-6th June 2015

Monday 1 JuneTuesday 2 JuneThursday 4 JuneFriday 5 June

Monday Morning Sessions

Ebola virus disease – how infectious diseases expose inequities in healthcare.
Professor Lyn Gilbert

Without reasonable cause? : Refusal to undergo a diagnostic medical procedure for the purposes of medical negligence litigation and the coercive powers of the court.
Ms Elizabeth Kennedy
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A Forensic Pathologist’s Guide to Eating Fish
Professor David Williams

Preventing liver cancer: where science and society meet
Professor Geoffrey Farrell

Legal Keynote Address

Developments in the law of medical negligence over the last 30 years
The Hon Justice Susan Kiefel AC

Monday Afternoon Sessions

Discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS in Greek, EU and Australian Law: The Employment Law perspective
Mr Dimitris Goulas
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The Practice of Delivering Health and Justice in Regional and Remote Western Australia: Driving down the same dusty road together.
Magistrate Deen Potter with Ms Phillipa Potter

The sum is greater than the parts: Law and Medicine as partners
Dr Susan Ieraci

Tuesday Morning Sessions

Tax & Business Workshop
Mr John Paolacci

How orthodoxy killed George Washington
Professor Gordon Whyte

Should we obtain informed consent for vaginal birth
Professor Andrew Korda

Mathematics, its fascination and influence
Professor Doreen Thomas

The Syrian war: consequences for Australia
The Hon Anthony Whealy QC

Cultural Keynote Address

When the First are Last – the right to wellbeing of Australia’s Ancient Cultures
Dr Jeff McMullen AM

Thursday Morning Sessions

Are Australians getting full value from the personal data collected on their behalf?
Professor John Mathews AM

How to mismanage organisations: a guide to mediocrity
Professor Gabriël Moens

Responding to sexual assault – is there a place for restorative justice?
The Hon Justice Marcia Neave AO
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The Australian product safety system: aligning trauma data, public policy and the legal system
Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith

Probing Prometheus: Who is Liable if Liver Cancer results from failure to screen Greeks and at risk Australians for Hepatitis B?
Dr Christopher Leung

Law and Medicine: Working together to reduce seclusion and restraint in health-settings.
Ms Kay Wilson

Friday Morning Sessions

The media, institutions and professional practice
The Hon Justice Gregory Garde A.O. RFD QC

Patients with linguistically diverse backgrounds often miss out on the benefits of being in a clinical trial. What’s the solution?
Dr Sianna Panagiotopoulos

Health Care effects of the financial crisis and its management, in Greece.
Associate Professor Dr Yannis Zervas

Greek children and families in the throes of the crisis.
Professor Gerasimos Kolaitis

Community welfare in ancient Greece.
Dr Cleo Dontas

Reflections on a Quarter-Century of Conferences
Mr Alan Vassie

Keynote Medical Presentation

The Changing Face of Global Health: sustainability in an age of affluence and poverty
Emeritus Prof Stephen Leeder AO
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