Group counselling has helped a great many people get the right kind of motivation and support from individuals undergoing similar situations. While most people think that group therapy is simply a group of people talking and sharing their experience, the benefits f group therapy are quite rewarding. In fact people who undergo group therapy often find themselves having a new purpose in life. They gain back their confidence and feel ready to face challenges which previously might have seemed almost impossible to overcome. Just the basic idea of observing and talking to other individuals who too faced similar issues can be a heartwarming experience for many.

Group therapy is based on the following therapeutic principles

  • An instillation of hope. In a group therapy there are members who are a different stage of treatment. For beginners seeing people like themselves overcome their difficulties can instill hope.
  • Eradicate feelings of isolation. People can see that there are others just like them who have faced challenges. Some of those even bigger than the ones they are currently facing. This gives them a feeling of acceptance and they somehow lose their sense of isolation.
  • Sharing of information. Other members in the group might share their tips and techniques of coping with certain issues. This helps provide knowledge for all others in the group as well.
  • Provides a sense of belonging. People in a group over a period of time become attached to one another. They feel like they are a small family. Their problems and solutions are somehow same and the idea of seeing others successful and finally making it brings a sense of profound warmth and joy for all members of the group. Similarly if the rest find one or two people suffering, they offer their valuable support and advice which helps that individual understand that ay challenge they face can be overcome with confidence and persistence.
  • Helps people understand social settings. When in a group people might find themselves expressing their ideas without the fear of being judged. Being in a group help people achieve interpersonal skills without the fear of failure nagging at them.
  • Imitative behavior. When individuals in the group see and observe their therapist, they try to imitate the behavior and learn new ways of coping with feelings of pain and sadness.
  • Sharing thoughts and ideas can also help individual’s free themselves of stress and pain. Sometimes keeping things bottled inside is more harmful. The basic idea of group counselling is to help people express themselves in way which would make them feel less anxious and depressed. They know that no one in the group is going to judge them, so they express their idea and thought without fear.
  • Once people join a group they are filed with a sense of realization that they are the ones responsible for their own lives. Any action which they take would have a profound effect on how they live their lives.

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