Your dream career of becoming a stylist to the stars becomes a reality when you choose to attend Screen and Media Makeup courses. Screen and Media Makeup courses are a new qualification to enable you to pursue a specialised makeup/wig/hair specialist in the theatre, film, television, and fashion industries.

Screen and Media Makeup courses at reputable beauty schools are handled by specialists in the film and television industries. Completing the courses helps you learn almost everything about makeup techniques needed for various occasions from screen, bridal, catwalk, and more.

The wondrous special effects makeup you see on big stages and screens is also part of the curriculum. The Screen and Media Makeup courses have been seen to be one of the highest, if not the highest qualifications to have to begin your career as a creative and professional makeup artist.

An Overview of the Screen and Media Makeup Courses

Earning a Diploma in Screen and Media Makeup should be the first choice when your passion is in catwalks, theatre, TV, photographic, stage, airbrush, bridal, film, and body painting. The courses included in the curriculum allow you to learn highly specialised skills in makeup creativity and application.

Over 120 courses are typically included in a Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup. The wide variety of beauty courses builds up your self-confidence to become job-ready by the time you graduate.

Some of the courses allowing you entry into the film and screen industry upon completion include:

  • Educator career
  • Special effects makeup artist
  • Bridal makeup artist
  • Professional makeup artist
  • Social media influencer
  • Stage, film, and TV makeup artist
  • Prosthetic makeup artist
  • Spa/salon makeup artist
  • Body/face painter
  • Retail makeup artist
  • Beauty brand sales representative
  • Freelance makeup artist

A Diploma of Screen and Media Makeup courses typically include:

Creative project realisations

Experimenting with a variety of techniques and ideas is given full freedom of expression in this particular course. Your unique voice and style are allowed free rein, encouraging you to plan and create your own makeup design.

Hair styling productions

TV, photography, film, theatre, and other performances need a lot of different hairstyles. Completing the course helps you learn the styling products and tools needed to create a variety of hairstyles ranging from twists to top knots and more.

Strategic business plans for a freelance makeup artist

Attending the course allow you to view the life of a freelance makeup artist. The skills learned in the course allows you to plan for a freelance business, manage your finances, and acquire promotional skills to attract clients.

Specialised makeup design and application

Launching a career as a makeup artist across the live, commercial, TV, film, and photographic entertainment industries means possessing extensive knowledge and specialised skills. The course helps you to understand and work through complicated design briefs and design ideas to provide highly specialised makeup applications.

Special effects makeup design and application

The realistic look of special effects seen on film and TV are highly-specialised skills you can acquire from this course. Prosthetic applications and other sophisticated special effects makeup techniques relevant to the entertainment and screen industries are part of this particular course. Skills such as working as part of a team or as an independent makeup artist are learned and practiced in this course.

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