Greek/Australian International
Legal and Medical Conference


Conn ConstantinouAfter nearly thirty wonderful years and 15 enormously successful Conferences we have decided that the time has come. With a tinge of sadness but with a sense of great achievement we are letting you know that our 15th Conference in Thessaloniki was our last Conference. Thirty years is a long time, and these particular three decades have seen enormous changes not only in law and medicine, but in the world at large. When we started these Conferences the internet did not exist, mobile phones were not invented and personal computers were still a rarity. The human genome project was in its infancy, land rights for indigenous citizens were an aspiration and an apology was a dream. Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine was the stuff of science fiction.

There has been a lot to reflect on, and to celebrate including the spirit of community service that drives the practitioners of law and medicine.

The professional programmes over the years have attracted a wealth of excellent presentations that have proved stimulating and entertaining. You will find all papers that have been made available since our 9th Conference in 2003 archived on this site. http://lmconference.com.au/papers-and-presentations/

We wish to thank and acknowledge all who have over so many years made our Conferences so special.

Conn Constantinou, O.A.M.